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Aceinna Products are very accurate accelerometers, tilt sensors, magnetic sensors, flow and pressure sensors, current sensors and inertial systems. They may be used in static or dynamic scenarios to address the unique requirements of individual applications. Aceinna provides a portfolio of sensor network products.

Advanced Energy, Inc.

High voltage power supplies; Low voltage power supplies; Plasma power generators; Remote plasma power generators; Pyrometers & SCR power Controls. AEI is a Leader in Global High-Tech applications. Products are very efficient with focus on Power conversion and control. AEI provides power solutions for todays technology and the future.

Aker Technology

Aker Technology Limited

Quartz Crystals; Clock Oscillators; VCXO's; TCXO's; Automotive Products; Ceramic Resonators; SAW Devices and Filters. HQ's = Taichung, Taiwan established to manufacture and market high volume and competitive priced frequency controlled products; through-hole and surface mount.

Ampire Ampire

Ampire is a manufacturer providing a complete line up of displays, integrated control, and easy display solutions. They support customers in all markets, especially Industrial, with the highest quality and services at the most affordable price.

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CI Design is an innovative contributor of Design, Manufacturing and Logistics of high end storage and server enclosures. They provide their customers with simple, powerful and effective products supporting industrial, IT and Medical markets.

Electro Technik

Electro Technik

Electro Technik has designed and manufactured leading edge passive electronic components. Their expertise in designing and building unique passive electronic components is extensive. They include; Capacitors, RF/Microwave Components, EMI Filters, Magnetics, Transformers and Resistors. ETI is registered ISO 9001 at all manufacturing facilities.


HASCO Relays and International Corp.

Hasco Relays, Reed Relays, and Reed Switches are manufactured to be the most reliable, cost effective and technologically advanced electromechanical relays available. Hasco maintains a large on hand inventory of their products. Person to person engineering support for design and technical advice. Service is most important.



LED's, LCD's, LCD Modules, Surface Mount LED's Thousands of variations

Maida Development Co.

Maida Development Co. canada flag

Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), Thermally Protected MOVs, High Voltage Specialized Ceramic Capacitors, Thermistors, SPDs and Gas Discharge Tubes

Micro Crystal

Micro Crystal

Micro Crystal has 32.768 KHz Quartz Crystals, 32.768 KHz And 100 KHz Oscillators, Real Time Clocks Modules and MHz Crystals and oscillators. Packaged in SMD Ceramic and Metal Packages and Through hole Packages. Also TCXO and OCXO. Micro Crystal provides products with extreme low current consumption.


MRP Cable canada flag

MANUFACTURE RESOURCE PRODUCTS. A leader in the manufacturing of computer cables and accessories. CAT5 and 6 (550Mhz) and a full line of computer related cables for all connectivity needs.

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Pal Pilot is dedicated to providing printed Circuit Board Design and Manufacturing. Their Technical Services commitment and unique manufacturing capabilities, product mix, and Quality Systems give superior support to our customers.

Pelonis Technologies

Pelonis Technologies canada flag

Pelonis is a leading innovator of Fans and Air Moving Technologies, Cooling Products, Induction Motors and special heating products. Applications are both Commercial and Industrial.

Renata Batteries

Renata Batteries canada flag

Renata is recognized worldwide as the leading producer of high quality button and coin cells for electronic applications such as: Medical, RFID, Computers, Automotive, Meters as well as rechargeable power modules for a growing variety of handheld devices. Renata also manufactures and supplies surface mount and through-hole, horizontal and vertical mount battery holders.

Transformer Manufacturers, Inc.

Transformer Manufacturers, Inc.

TMI Transformers Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures custom power, audio, toroid and printed circuit transformers for all industries (1 Watt to 30+kva). TMI welcomes large or small orders with prototypes available quickly. Custom engineering to meet your needs and TMI is dedicated to customer service.